About Us

South Asian Lightning Network (SALNet) is a non-profit earning organization devoted to lightning safety and protection in South Asia. It provides an education, research, advisory, and service platform to all interested persons and institutes in the region. The Secretariat of the organization is located in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Mission & Vision

SALNet, was established with the objective of promoting scientific research and technological advancement, appropriate engineering and technical practices, dissemination of knowledge and public awareness with respect to lightning safety and protection for Minimizing the injury, loss of life and property damage from lightning in the south Asian region by

  • Supporting the establishment of lightning research, education & awareness centres in the South Asian region.
  • Providing the centres with information on funding opportunities and technical/operational management.
  • Facilitating centres in conducting research/engineering training programs, on the latest developments at international frontiers, to upgrade the knowledge and skills in achieving scientific excellence.
  • Channelling information and data on the latest developments of international standards and guidelines among the centres, with the view of promoting appropriate research and engineering practices in the region and preventing scientifically denounced fraudulent products and technologies from penetrating the region.
  • Facilitating medical practitioners to get training on lightning related post-trauma treatment.
  • Facilitating and promoting research institute – industry collaborations.
  • Facilitating the establishment of a region-wide lightning and storm detection system and development of methodologies and techniques to disseminate the forecasting/nowcasting information to the general public.


SALNet comprises lightning centres in the member countries and is being guided by a panel of international experts and advisors.