Organizational Structure

Executive committee
Shriram Sharma (PhD) Chairman (Nepal)
Anirban Guha (PhD) Executive Member (India)
Nuwan Kumarsinghe (Er) Executive Member (Sri Lanka)
Munir Ahmed (PhD) Executive Member (Bangladesh)
S. Gopa Kumar (Er) Executive Member (India)
Parashuram Sharma (Er) Member (Bhutan)


Advisory Board
  1. Prof. Chandima Gomes – Professor of HV Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
  2. Prof. Arun Kulshreshtha – Formerly, Director General, Centre for Science and Technology of Non-Aligned and other Developing countries (NAM S&T Centre)
  3. Dr. P. L. N. Raju -Director, North Eastern Space Applications Centre, Department of Space, Government of India, Umiam, Meghalaya, India
  4. Eng. Janaki Athuraliya Director (Electronic Eng.), Arthur C Clarke Institute, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
  5. Prof. Colin Price Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
  6. Mr. B. V. Srikanth Sci./Engr. SF, ES-VALF, SDSC SHAR, ISRO, Sriharikota (AP), India
  7. Eng. Mrs. Foster Lubasi National Coordinator, Zambian Centre for Lightning and Electromagnetics, Lusaka, Zambia
  8. Dr. Abhay Srivastava Researcher, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  9. Mr. Kumar Margasashayam Consultant, ADB, Earth Networks, Bangalore, India
  10. Mr. Saurabh Sharma Strategic Partnerships Manager for RIVIGO, Chandigarh, India


Lightning Centers in the member Countries
  • The Lightning Awareness Centre (LAC) has been established within Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement (BASA), Dhaka (BANGLADESH)
  • The Lightning Awareness and Research Centre (LARC) has been established by the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA), Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala (INDIA)
  • Tripura University has taken initiatives to setup the Centre for Lightning and Thunderstorm Studies (CeLTS) in Agartala, Tripura (INDIA)
  • The Lightning and Atmospheric Research Centre (LARC) has been established in Kathmandu (NEPAL)
  • The Centre for Lightning Protection (CLP) has been established by the Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies, Moratuwa (SRI LANKA)