Lightning Protection


Design: Complete design of structural and/or surge protection systems for building complexes, small scale, low cost safety houses for various sectors and safety structures for domesticated/zoological-garden animals

Implementation: Device/material selection, installation and commissioning of structural and surge protection systems


Client Assistance: Preparation of BOQs, budgeting, evaluation of quotations, overseeing installation, post-installation inspection and authentication, trouble shooting of existing systems

Forensic Studies: Inspection, data analysis and issuance of certificates for the lightning related property and equipment damage, service interruption and human/animal injuries (medical aspects are not covered)


High Risk Installations: Risk assessment, design and implementation of total protection schemes for petrochemical industry, explosive storage and transportation facilities (including ammunition dumps and magazines), communication towers etc.

Case-studies and Research: Contracted investigation on a wide spectrum of subjects related to lightning physics, safety, protection and sociological aspects

Grounding and Bonding


Ground Resistance: Measurement of earth resistance of already installed electrodes and issuance of certification

Soil Resistivity: Measurement of soil resistivity by 4-pole method and issuance of certification

Design and Implementation: Design, material selection and installation of grounding and bonding systems

Solutions for Problematic Cases: Communication tower sites on rocks, sites at ultra-high resistive soil, space-restricted locations, highly corrosive environments etc.

Other Services


EM/Circuit Analysis: Computation of electromagnetic environment for various applications, circuit analysis for steady and transient states etc. done with ANSI, MATLab, PSCAD, EMTP etc.

Electrical safety Auditing: Safety auditing of the sensitive structures such as Hospitals, commercial Banks, Hotels, business complexes, Army magazines etc. help to avert fires, electrocutions and shocks.

Thermographic Imaging: Electrical safety auditing of industrial sites with the aid of thermal imager

Testing & Analysis Services: 450 kV Marx generator, 100 kV AC and DC generators for insulation breakdown testing, technical analysis using spectrum analyser and power quality analyser

Staff Training: Regular and tailor-made programs on lightning and surge protection, grounding and bonding, EMI/EMC, insulation coordination, electrical safety, computational software etc.


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